1. rmarquez1974's Avatar
    I got my unlock code from t-mobile (less than 24 hours, nice) and when I punch it in, it accepts it. However, I cannot turn it off or do anything, it is frozen. I left it for 35 minutes hoping it was just something the phone needed to go through before actually "unlocking". No go, had to battery pull. I tried the unlock code again, it says I have 10 retries left still, and I get the same issue.

    A side note, no matter what SIM I put in the thing, it keeps saying "Invalid SIM Card, Remove back and Battery to make sure your SIM Card is installed correctly" or something along those lines. What makes this weird, is that my sim worked in this phone just fine before I took it out (to use in another new phone, go android!) and this phone was carefully put back into the packaging until I decided to sell it, unlocked of course.

    Any ideas anyone might have (yes I tried to clean the sim card and the contacts in the phone, still doesn't work) to get this thing working again would be very appreciated.

    12-31-09 10:55 PM
  2. Smurfy71's Avatar
    I would guess you either have the wrong unlock code, or you are entering it incorrectly. Call t-mo and confirm the code.

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    01-01-10 02:32 PM
  3. CarrierUnlock's Avatar
    Its a hardware issue needs to be sent in for warranty. We have had a few of these cases where they had to be sent in for a exchange.
    01-01-10 10:28 PM