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    I had a Samsung Jack. Hated it. I'm a former BB user, so I went and found a BB Storm on eBay. I work for Radioshack, so I get a super nice employee plan with AT&T. Right now I'm using a prepaid sim, but on Thursday I'm setting up my employee plan with the BB package.

    I unlocked my Storm and uploaded the AT&T service books as described in the stickied post. It rebooted just fine, and as predicted I still can't do anything data-wise because I'm on a prepaid service for the moment. No big deal.

    What bothered me was that my email disappeared from the phone. I suspected that, as the end of the post stated I would need to upload my email service books again to get email to work.

    That's where I get confused. It doesn't really describe that too much, and a search doesn't pull up much. When I go to Setup > Email, it says it can't connect to the service. Is that because I don't have data right now? Or is that because I need to upload the email service books? If it's the ladder, how do I go about doing that?

    I think I just answered my own question somewhat. I switched back over to the Verizon network and under Messages, my emails started downloading again. However, my service bars showed an X instead of bars, which I'm guessing is normal, and when I went to email setup again it said I couldn't do anything because I didn't have service, again I'm guessing because of the X. But anyway, what's this about the service books and do I need to concern myself with them?
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    Well I'm not allowed to post hyperlinks, but I'll try to help. I just recently unlocked mine so here you go


    In between forums and crackberry replace the dot with a period since I'm a n00b
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    The AT&T generic service books are in the first thread post too.
    You'll need the generic service books because the 9530's normal service books are through a provider that carries the phone, i.e. VZW or Vodafone.
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    Thank you. I ran into an odd problem last night where my phone rebooted itself and started complaining about not having a browser configuration service book. I looked and the ATT service book I just recently uploaded, which was there BEFORE the reboot took place, was no longer there. So I just redid the steps in that post and HOPEFULLY it'll work out.

    It was weird, because the phone wouldn't last more than say 5 minutes before rebooting itself.

    EDIT: The only thing I did between doing the post and having the device wig out was switching to Verizon's network to redo my email, then switching back knowing it wouldn't retrieve my email, but having it done just for posterity. Could switching to Verizon's network wipe out those service books?

    It appears that it crashes whenever the phone idles. I was on a texting spree and it was fine for a while, then i put it down, the screen dimmed, and it crashed.

    EDIT 2:
    Just did a complete wipe and reloaded the OS, and now it looks like there's no browser, no email configuration, or anything o.O Odd
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