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    I have searched everywhere and cannot find the exact answer to my question. Sorry if this is repetitive.
    I own an iPhone. I just signed that contract in December and since I am rough one my phones, got an uber warranty (4 years or something?). What's the problem? Well.. just got a job offer in England (I'm in Canada), and I don't want to buy out of the 3 year contract OR void that warranty.
    My dad has a BlackBerry Storm 9530 which is almost done on its contract, so we decided to unlock that and I will take it with me to England.
    We just unlocked it, and I was going to use it for the next month until I move, so I put my Fido sim card in. When that sim card is in, I cannot access anything.. phone calls work, but that's about it. I am illiterate when it comes to BlackBerries, but it won't let me set up an email or get on the internet or anything. It also says it is roaming.
    What's up? Please help
    07-10-10 01:22 AM