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    ******** A few days ago I bought a Blackberry Z10 on eBay that was supposed to be released for any telephone company, but when I enter my SIM card asks me to enter a mep code to unlock.
    *** I was looking online and found several programs to find the MEP code, such as MEP Reader or MEP Extractor among others, none of those worked, what I know is that the device was AT & T and it have 5 attempts available for entering a code right, I ask you please to help me as the person who sold it to me did not answer me,

    Thank you very much,

    (IMEI: [deleted by moderator] I dont know if you guys need it so i leave it here )
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    06-27-15 02:24 PM
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    That's going to be difficult and you should not have to go to this length if you were expecting an unlocked device. If you cannot get the seller to reply, raise a ticket with eBay. Don't keep trying to unlock device as at 10 attempts the device will be hard locked to the carrier and you will not be able to unlock, period.

    Z30 on Wind Mobile after 7 yrs with Rogers
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    06-28-15 09:49 AM
  3. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    I agree with keefrto. You need refunded, and a legit Z30 purchased. Playing with MEP generators is a fools game. If you want to keep the phone, use a legit unlock professional, and have them tell you whether it can be done.
    08-02-15 11:24 PM

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