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    So i am posting this because i see many people asking things that are not related to unlocking a Blackberry device and get confused what it's all about...

    here is some general information..

    What is Blackberry unlocking?
    First of all, unlocking Blackberry device is mostly simply removing a the SIM LOCK that is set on the Blackberry SIM card security.

    The SIM Lock is a security that is set on the device.
    When carrier sell Blackberry's they want to make sure that the device will stay on the carrier, so they have this security SIM lock that is set to get signal only with SIM cards that are from the original carrier that the device is made for.

    How it's done?
    Blackberry unlocking is done simple by a MEP 2 NCK code that is used to remove that security. it's legal to unlock your Blackberry and it won't effect on warranty and things like that. also, the unlocked Blackberry will stay unlocked even if you reinstall the OS or change things on your Blackberry.

    Some Blackberry devices are unlocked already and you can find out if the Blackberry you are using is unlocked by going to:
    OPTIONS > ADVANCED OPTIONS > SIM CARD, then dialing 'M' 'E' 'P' 'D' - this will open a screen where you can see some settings and if you see that they are all "Disabled" the device is unlocked!
    On most Blackberry's that has a SIM lock you will see the "Network" as "Active" (the line that says network will have the "Active" status next to it)

    What I need to do if i want to unlock my Blackberry?
    To unlock a Blackberry - Unlock code is needed, unlock codes are unique for each device and you have only 10 attempts to enter the right unlock code, otherwise the device will be hard-locked after entering a wrong code more then 10 times and only cable solution can help in this case....

    to enter the unlock code, from the screen you get after dialing MEPD (on the SIM card menu under advanced options) you need to dial "M E P 2"... you should hold the "ALT" when typing the "2" to get the number.

    it should open a form-box where you can enter the unlock code you got from your carrier or from any Blackberry unlocking website.

    What is GSM unlocking for CDMA devices?
    After the device is unlocked you can use it with SIM card of any GSM carrier.
    Some Blackberry devices can be used both on CDMA and GSM networks. CDMA devices are not using Sim cards to get signal and if the GSM use is supported you should have a SIM slot on your device for GSM sim cards.

    Some CDMA devices should be set as GSM by changing the phone number on the CDMA engineering menu.
    sometimes carriers block that menu by a password, to unlock that you will need to get an MEID unlocking and dial the password as ##XXXXXX when the XXXXXX is the password.
    Verizon for example is a CDMA carrier that ain't blocking that screen and you can reach it by dialing ##000000.

    After the device is unlocked for GSM use you can see that the SIM card gets signal when inserted into the Blackberry device that was unlocked - signal will give calls and SMS working but to get services you will need a Blackberry Data plan and updated service book - to get BlackBerry data plan and a working BIS account you will need to contact your carrier and pay for it.

    How about using services such as BBM / MMS on unlocked Blackberry?
    Also, Blackberry devices have different signal frequencies and some carriers will work with a device only with 2G (EDGE) so for those who want to use a Blackberry that they buy online in their country, first make sure it comes with the right frequency bands that your carrier are using.

    I think unlocking a Blackberry can save a lot of money and to do so all you need is to unlock your device once - for those who love to travel and have friends on other countries, unlocked Blackberry devices is the best and first to do in order to save money by using Pre-paid sim cards from different carrier.

    Another information...
    Blackberry unlocking is simple and can be done by anyone, some unlocking services are fast and can get you the unlock code in minutes online, 24/7 which is great because it will benefit if you need to unlock your device while visiting other country and such. but also, sometimes people buy a Blackberry from one carrier to use it on another and that's where it's mostly used - unlocking blackberry will give you the device with some freedom - to use it as you like to use it with the carrier that you want, without loosing your device if switched.

    So i hope this will clear a few things here for people.
    and for those who are just unlocked their Blackberry device - enjoy it.

    One last thing - there are many of the best online unlocking services that can be found online - posting here on CrackBerry so i want to say thanks for Crackberry, and for those who have questions - a good service to unlock your Blackberry will have a support and a money back guarantee mostly.

    and, Enjoy your unlocked BlackBerry !
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    Great info... Thanks for the post.
    09-12-11 12:48 PM
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    Thanks for sharing such good information.

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    Really informative...thanks...
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    Thanks for your comments.. share more information if needed please.
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    Always valuable info!
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    like you said verizons is ##xxxxxx, would you know what alltels is or sprints?
    09-27-11 06:11 PM
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    You will need to get one generated for Sprint or Alltel
    09-27-11 07:26 PM
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    i was just wondering if you knew the sprints one?
    09-28-11 10:55 AM
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    There is no generic Sprint one.. You will need to order one that needs to be generated. For the new os7 devices, it takes quite a while to generate vs a mep2 code.
    09-28-11 08:27 PM
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    Yes only verizon, and great post btw. Lot of useful information
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    Verizon are using the ##0000000 master key to all the devices.
    Sprint devices are locking them with unique codes, CDMA unlocking is needed.
    10-03-11 08:26 PM
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    Great! This is a lot of useful information in one place. Will certainly help people who are totally lost on these forums.
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