1. AndyBD1's Avatar
    Hi all,

    I just received a Blackberry Pearl 9105 (smaller keyboard not QWERTY) which is locked to O2...however I need to use the phone with a Tesco Mobile SIM instead.

    I'm not new to unlocking Blackberry's - I did it with my old Blackberry Curve 3G, for the record I've also unlocked a few other types of phones that I've had over the years.

    I already have my MEP2 code as required but I can't for the life of me access the MEP2 prompt.

    I have trawled the internet in hope of finding something useful but everywhere says pretty much the same thing:
    Go to Options,
    Advanced Options,
    SIM Card,
    Enter 63373 (or mepd)
    then (this is what is different everywhere I look)...
    Enter 63372
    ...or mep2
    ...or mep then alt-(volume up, volume down, volume up, volume down, volume up) then 2
    ....or even clicking the shift, or holding the shift button when pressing 2
    Some say to type MEPP or MEPP2 as well, again to no avail.

    Some also say to press enter and re-try a couple of times...but no, nothing is working! It's frustrating because I know this stuff isn't as difficult as this!

    The phone has never attempted to be unlocked before so it's not a case of it having run out of unlock attempts. Could anyone please shed some light on this....I'm sure there must be one stupid little thing that I'm missing.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

    04-25-13 01:01 PM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    Moved to BB Unlocking in an effort to get you an answer
    05-04-13 12:16 AM
  3. kalem blackburn's Avatar
    type mep2 and hold alt at the same time so press ALT MEP2 all whilst holding alt
    05-07-13 10:46 AM
  4. AndyBD1's Avatar
    Tried this and still not doing anything :/
    05-13-13 12:06 PM

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