01-14-10 08:17 PM
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  1. murphydawg80's Avatar
    I just want to clarify that if I buy a BB curve that I should get a pay as you go sim card to unlock the phone and then I can put in my Tmobile sim card?
    Will it have full functionality??
    You may not need a Cingular/ATT sim card, but some curves require it to enter the unlock code...full voice/data functionality. Some T-Mobile specific programs may not work properly (but I am not sure about this).
    09-03-07 11:40 PM
  2. John Clark's Avatar
    Myfaves app will not download automatically. You can still use myfaves but the app will not load to the device. However, a simple mod to the OS installtion files on the PC can load it to the device. Also, Kasper has a sticky thread about getting the proper browsers to work on Unlocked Curves on TMobile. Software versions that are newer than will not get browsers on TMo.
    09-03-07 11:46 PM
  3. Geoff02's Avatar
    I have a BB with AT&T, but I do not have a BB Browser, only Internet and Media Net, how can I get the BB Browser?
    09-07-07 02:33 PM
  4. gslivingston's Avatar
    what's the "Network MEP Code"?
    09-07-07 03:49 PM
  5. jasoncook's Avatar
    OK... I was reading these threads and I am a little new to the "unlocking world" of phones. I always get the phone from the carrier. I have an 8700g thast great but I just got the Curve and it's ATT, I have T-Mobile. Can someone tell me that steps I need to take... I truly appreciate all the help you can give. Thanks!
    09-10-07 03:38 PM
  6. jayeden's Avatar
    Im In serious trouble - me and my wife leave for India in 12 hours, i just was told our curves are "locked" and i cant buy us sim cards and use our units there -

    is anyone here smart enough to help me? im not very good with computer stuff, after reading through this 'thread' - do i find myself needing some sort of code? if so, what is this code?? please email me asap jayeden@gmail.com
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    09-12-07 02:16 PM
  7. HoJo's Avatar
    Well i unlocked my curve with a non ATT sim card and it didn't bring up the menu, but did work fine. i used a Digicel sim from Jamaica.
    09-13-07 07:58 AM
  8. chantal's Avatar
    Hi I just bought a new cingular 8700c blackberry.And I can not unlock it.I called cingular but they will not give me the unlock code.I have only 3 trys left.My phone provider is Fido.Can you please provide the unlock code. My Imei code is [removed by moderator].I want to use my phone right away.

    Last edited by Trevor; 09-13-07 at 09:16 PM. Reason: for your security, please don't post your imei code
    09-13-07 10:30 AM
  9. davidkoby's Avatar
    What's MEP mode? What does it do?
    09-15-07 07:02 AM
  10. gerry rowe's Avatar
    anybody out there be able to help unlock my blackberry curve i tried the usual shop suspects but got no joy??
    10-01-07 11:58 AM
  11. lgomesrj's Avatar
    My name is Leonardo and I bought a blackberry curve 8320 blocked. I live in brazil and anyone know make this service. Please I need help!!!!!

    Please if someone know something that help me I tks.
    10-05-07 09:24 AM
  12. audit's Avatar
    GSM PhoneSource - When Only The Best Will Do is what I used to unlock my 8800. I put in for the unlock around 6pm and had it at midnight EST. After I unlocked it I wasn't able to get data but a simple battery pull fixed that issue.
    10-05-07 09:29 AM
  13. esaustin's Avatar
    I am new to this, how do I unlock T-Mobile 8320
    10-05-07 01:37 PM
  14. audit's Avatar
    Read the post above yours and you'll see the link to goto.
    10-05-07 02:04 PM
  15. reddboogy's Avatar
    Will legacy AT&T data plan work with new unlocked Curve?


    ok, I have an old AT&T legacy blue data plan for my current BB (8700). I would like to get a new Curve, unlock it, and keep the same plan for data with my extra minutes.

    here's my question, if I buy a curve and unlock it, will I have all of the same functionality? Will the data work? Webclient? BB messenger? BB browser? mMode Browser?

    I'm a bit apprehensive to spend the money without knowing that this will work. I have a killer plan with all of the trimmings out of contract and I don't want to change.

    anybody have the answers?


    10-06-07 12:19 AM
  16. klemens#CB's Avatar
    Hi everyone,

    im new here. i'm interested to unlock the blackberry curve and i have read this thread throughly.

    where can I buy blackberry online?
    any recommended site?

    anyway, I reside in Indonesia. Will this unlock method especially the link where i can buy the unlock code that is provided by navilyn work in my country?

    10-08-07 06:45 AM
  17. alfredov's Avatar

    I have one question...

    Are you able to use the same MEP code multiple times on different phones? I mean can it be shared? Or does each phone have to have its private code?

    Thanks much...
    10-13-07 06:02 AM
  18. stretch#CB's Avatar
    Just got the curve, am going overseas and needed to unlock it to use overseas sims cards. Followed the instructs in these forums, called AT&T international wireless and they gave me the unlock code, no problem. followed instructions, was easy as pie. Thanks so much!
    10-17-07 02:07 PM
  19. ricpac's Avatar
    Are you able to use the same MEP code multiple times on different phones? I mean can it be shared? Or does each phone have to have its private code?

    unlock codes, like IMEIs, are unique.. there's only one unlock code for one IMEI.. if you'd like to get a hold of your device's unlock code, go to gsmphonesource.com
    10-18-07 07:19 AM
  20. ricpac's Avatar
    i will be gettin' my 8320 unlocked by gsmphonesource once i get it so i can use it here in the Philippines
    10-18-07 07:27 AM
  21. Macberry80's Avatar
    i have actually bought BB curve off ebay and i admit i am a novice and need help unlocking it i have done the usual tasks as mentioned above but it then asks me for MEP code can anyone help
    10-20-07 11:31 AM
  22. Macberry80's Avatar
    sorry forgot to mention the curve is locked to o2 i have followed the above tasks in the threads but then i get to a point that it asks me for my MEP code i only have a few attempts left so i thought i'd seek advice first.
    10-20-07 11:44 AM
  23. Montag84's Avatar
    anyone know of any media manager tools to use with the curve using a mac os x
    10-21-07 08:31 AM
  24. berryman21's Avatar
    i should know this but what do you guys mean by unlocking the curve and using a mep menu what is this
    10-23-07 04:07 PM
  25. kent9272's Avatar
    so if I did it correctly the screen should display the following right?


    SIM Disabled
    Network Disabled
    Network Subset Disabled
    Service Provider Disabled
    Corporate Disabled

    The reason why I ask is because I was successful in getting it unlocked but I did a "wipe/hard reset" does it effect it at all?
    Last edited by loveanh; 10-24-07 at 12:53 PM.
    10-24-07 12:41 PM
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