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    Just got my bold 9780 on Telus and now my contract is ending I am going to move to Bell. My Problem however is that I received an unlock code from BBIN but this is what happens:

    Got to the MEPD screen and it shows:


    Typing MEP2 does nothing but typing MEP4 brings up a Service provider code (10 #'s and 10 tries). My MEP2 code doesn't work. From my searches I have yielded no results and was wondering if this phone is already unlocked? if not how do I proceed?

    12-07-10 01:07 AM
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    Your MEP2 code is already disabled, so it's not required. What you need is the MEP4 unlock code. Contact your unlocker and request that unlock code. Type it in then you should be good to go! It's also likely the code they gave you is already the MEP4 code. Have you tried entering that in?
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    12-07-10 01:24 AM
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    I see what is the difference between the two? and I have tried twice and it says code error please wait I have 8 tries left. Thanks for the help.


    Just got a reply (literally 2 minuets after sending one to them) with the code thanks for your help and that was some good customer service I must say I am impressed!
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    12-07-10 01:32 AM
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    No problem, glad to hear. Don't forget once you're officially on Bell to manually change your APN settings on your 9780. You'll find these settings in Options > Device > Advanced System Settings > TCP/IP. Beside the APN field remove "bb.telus.com" and replace it with "pda.bell.ca" and make sure there's a checkmark beside APN Settings Enabled as well as APN Authentication Enabled. Leave username and password for APN fields blank. Enjoy your 9780 - it rocks!
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    12-07-10 09:55 AM
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    lol @ good customer service. they didn't even provide you with what you needed to unlock the phone until you came to a message board got a reply and went back to them. people need to check out freethisbery.com $5 and get it right the first time. i was lucky because i already unlocked a 9700 previously and was aware of needing this new code. when i unlocked the 9780 i have now it asked me if i wanted to unlock it i didnt even have to go into settings. that is one thing i love about bb is not needing to have your phone hacked in order to unlock it. one advantage of bb over ip
    12-07-10 11:36 AM
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    Thanks ADAM .. you definately need a mep4 code which unlocks the service provider ... network is mep2 ... we supply both just in case for certain carriers.
    12-07-10 07:20 PM
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    Wow, $5 unlock in a few minutes! Many thanks it worked great
    12-10-10 04:01 PM
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    hey guys, total noob, newby, peter nubbins here and i dont even have a bb yet, but im thinkin bout getting a 9780 tmobile off ebay and unlocking it to use on at&t...i have heard that i will lose 3g connection if i do that, is this true and will i have any other issues/probs with doing that? anyone here that has already done this and can tell me what to expect? currently an iphone user. thanks in advance!!
    01-03-11 03:57 PM
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    No the only issue you will have is no 3G
    01-03-11 04:00 PM
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    No the only issue you will have is no 3G
    Because they have different bands. physical hardware difference prevents you from getting 3g
    01-03-11 06:12 PM
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    so i guess im stuck waiting for a at&t one to be released then eh...like thats ever going to happen anytime soon
    01-04-11 07:36 AM
  12. freethisberrydotcom's Avatar
    Or you can buy any Telus, Rogers, Bell or Virgin 9780 and it will work no problem with AT&T 3g.. All have same frequencies.
    01-04-11 12:56 PM
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    Wow, $5 unlock in a few minutes! Many thanks it worked great
    Your welcome! Take care.
    01-04-11 12:58 PM
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    Your welcome! Take care.
    I better get a paypal account with the QUICKNESS!!! Enough of the roaming charges everytime I go to the US!!!! 5 BUCKS??? WOO HOO!!!

    Thanks for the post!!
    01-04-11 01:33 PM