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    Hey all,

    So I unlocked and started using my storm again after letting it sit in a drawer for over a year. Long story short, I moved to Ohio and got a hefty discount with ATT in december 09, left my contract with Verizon and ditched my storm for an iphone 3GS. About 6 months ago one night I drunkenly dropped my iphone out in the elements like a frat boy, and although I had it returned to me, it sat in the rain and snow for two full weeks. The backlight didn't work, but hey, it was a working phone and I didn't want to burn an upgrade so I kept it. It finally bit the dust two months ago. I felt I didn't deserve a new phone and honestly liked not having a cell, so I went without until today.

    Enough about the iphone though. I found my storm in a drawer today around noon, charged it, unlocked it, threw the ATT SIM card in it, and started calling people. Around 6, I called someone and got no answer. About 10 minutes later I received a call back from a 6142025589 (my local area code). Googled the number and it came back CELLCO PARTNERSHIP DBA VERIZON WIRELESS. Some of the (admittedly paranoid) chatter on the "who called me" websites indicated they had been billed unfairly, and any other number of unsavory claims. This number then called again, and I answered. Nothing on the other side, except maybe a automated machines' noise (or maybe I am paranoid now). Then immediately after, I received a text full of letters and numbers from 10000000 or something and an alert that I had new voicemails. No actual people awaited me when I accessed my mailbox, just a "hang-up" sort of thing.

    All this is beyond my googling acumen, or my technological savvy. Anybody know whats going on? Im terrified of wireless charges, or the "man" getting me.

    03-21-11 06:32 PM