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    amnesia may have expressed deep dissatisfaction with the vendor, but it's understandable.
    His phone is tied to a contract and/or useless
    while this vendor dances about whose fault it is.

    When a vendor responds with disbelief that his product doesn't work and even refuses to explore the reason other than to obfuscate
    by suggesting that the customer should have provided additional information,
    his OS version,
    BEFORE ordering,
    THAT is unreasonable.

    If it were me, I'd visit the FTC, BBB and any other agency that deals with possible online fraud,
    as well as the site that advertised or linked to that vendor.

    I noted that YOUR reply to amnesia was certainly less than consoling.
    You assumed that the vendor had no obligation to him,
    because amnesia didn't prove that the code was entered correctly?
    (To the vendor's new requirement?)

    "How could they survive..."?

    Any vendor that immediately assumes a customer is wrong,
    any vendor that adds requirements to the sale,
    any vendor that assumes a customer is fraudulent by asking for a refund for something that didn't work,
    has no business asking for customers.

    YOUR replies to amnesia were just as bad.
    You championed the vendor from your first reply and a reasonable person would be quite right in assuming
    that you have an interest in the vendor.
    I didn't see any disclaimer in your first reply, yet you expressed the vendor's pecuniary interest.

    Indeed, YOU THREATENED amnesia in one of your replies,
    which makes me question crackberry's administration for allowing you to do so with the username/title "MODERATOR".

    You owe amnesia and the rest of us,
    who spend our valuable time and money
    purchasing from ads on this website,
    an apology.
    I respectfully disagree with your interpretation of my words. I am quite pleased amnesia was able to get a refund, as I suspected they would.
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    02-05-15 09:47 PM
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    Hello Forum, wanted the weigh in here. A while back I used Freemyblackberry to unlock my 9800. I used their website and it was free so wasn't overly worried. It worked first try and never really had any dealings with the company.

    Well I wanted to unlock my Z10 to give it to my dad and decided to give them another try (they are cheaper than going to my provider). I did read this post first and was a little nervous so I looked them up on Facebook and found that they had an office location in my city.

    I emailed FMBB and asked for a meet. I was told that there would be someone available at the location on Saturday between noon and 6pm to help me through the process but that it might still take between 1-48 hours to get the code.

    I decided to place my request online and follow that up with the person I've been corresponding with. We had some back and forth having me confirm some things (because apparently telus is a little tricky) and I was able to provide everything to FMBB Before heading to bed last night.

    This morning I woke up to find an email from FMBB with my unlock code. I excitedly hurried over to my Z10 and plugged the code in where I'm supposed to.

    Well... code accepted and everything is fine.

    Unlike the OP I didn't have any issue with my code so can't speak to that, BUT I can speak to the customer service that I was given and it was fantastic. The person at FMBB was friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I would/will recommend this service to anyone who asks.

    I'm not trying to take away from the greef the OP had, but it's only right to hear customer experiences from both ends of the spectrum IMO.

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    03-07-15 08:03 AM
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    Since FreeMyBlackberry has no interest in helping me get a code that actually works, does anyone know an unlocker who will not charge me if the code they find has already been proven wrong? I'll tell them the incorrect code in advance and even send them a video of it failing so they don't feel "ripped-off". I just don't want to get the incorrect code over and over again and my faith in refunds has been destroyed by FMBB

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    I'm getting a refund as we speak from unlockunit.com because they couldn't get a unlock code for my bb passport and they keep you updated on everything.
    10-01-15 05:01 AM
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