1. Darth_Doug's Avatar
    I know about gsmphonesource.com, but is there a better service to use? What about these instant ones like Unlock Blackberry Storm Scam or no? Thanks for your help!!
    08-10-09 07:18 AM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    Never heard of them. I use Horizon myself, and I heard about Cellunlock.net too, both are reputable. You might try your provider also, if they do it, it's free, but both Horizon & Cellunlock will give you a discount if you are a CB member just tell them pk from crackberry sent ya.
    08-10-09 08:26 AM
  3. Darth_Doug's Avatar
    I was looking at Horizon, and was wondering what the turnaround was on that.. it says 0 to 48 hrs which is a kind of large time frame. I know if I order from gsmphonesource.com I'll get it tomorrow but how is Horizon on same day codes? Thanks

    also I couldn't find anywhere on cellunlock to put in for a discount for being a CB member?
    08-10-09 09:40 AM
  4. rob6842's Avatar
    i just called my carrier friday and they gave me the code right over the phone just told them i was traveling and wanted to take my phone with me
    08-10-09 09:43 AM
  5. RedneckGenius's Avatar
    cellunlock has a small box when you put in your info, the discount code for crackberry is crackb50. gets a 50% discount. havnt recieved it yet but i ordered my code and got it for $17.49 CAD
    08-10-09 09:48 AM
  6. Brockmant's Avatar
    I used Verizon for free. Nice.

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    08-10-09 10:05 AM
  7. tom108's Avatar
    if for some reason you can not get one from verizon, looks like nextgen does it in realtime. Blackberry Unlock Codes, Realtime Blackberry unlocking service
    08-10-09 10:06 AM
  8. Darth_Doug's Avatar
    Will Verizon unlock it even though I'm not a verizon customer and didn't get it from verizon?
    08-10-09 10:08 AM
  9. pltaylor's Avatar
    uniquephones FTW Code in like 1-2 minutes. Use coupon code crackberry for half off. Makes it $9.99 i think.
    08-10-09 10:09 AM
  10. usernam9102's Avatar
    I used Ebay to unlock a storm. I had the code in 10 Min. Charged me 9.00
    08-10-09 11:39 AM
  11. Darth_Doug's Avatar
    Unique phones worked in 5 minutes! Will always use them from now on. Storm is up and beautiful!! yay!
    08-10-09 11:40 AM
  12. mdude85's Avatar
    Will Verizon unlock it even though I'm not a verizon customer and didn't get it from verizon?

    08-10-09 04:03 PM
  13. CellUnlock.net's Avatar
    Will Verizon unlock it even though I'm not a verizon customer and didn't get it from verizon?
    They most probably will not give it to you, but you can always try. Worst case scenario they'll say no. In case they don't, we can help you unlock your phone.
    08-10-09 05:04 PM
  14. usernam9102's Avatar
    I think charging to unlock a phone is a rip off. When I asked the same question on finding someone to unlock a storm a few months ago Horizon wanted 24.95. I went right to ebay.
    08-10-09 06:42 PM
  15. theONLYallan's Avatar
    i have the worse luck on ebay.

    i have a blackberry storm 9530 from Telus Mobility.

    i found a local place in vancouver to unlock it. they even sell unlock codes online: mobile to go - vancouver - gsm phone unlock services - remote unlocking
    08-14-09 09:51 AM
  16. pkcable's Avatar
    Always try your provider first, cause that's free, but if not, most of the companies mentioned here can help you, and most give discounts to CB members.
    08-23-09 08:32 PM