1. levander's Avatar
    I'm looking for an 8220 on Ebay now to use on my AT&T account. I already found the instructions for unlocking it on this forum. I tried to post a link to them, but my post count isn't high enough. The forum software is forbidding me.

    But, besides that, what do I need to do to get it working?

    Searching around, trying to find the answer to this question, I came across "debranding". I vaguely remember that that's re-installing the operating system?

    What are the advantages of debranding? I figure it'll take the word T-Mobile off of the phone's display, which I want since I'm picky about that stuff. But, are there other advantages?

    What about firmware updates after unlocking and possibly debranding? Do I just go without those? Is that okay?

    Also, one of the reasons I want to buy a phone from a 3rd party is I don't want the data plan for the extra $30/month. Is that going to cause a problem?
    12-31-09 11:50 PM
  2. pilsbury's Avatar
    So if Im reading you correctly, you intend to use this on ATT with no data. You wont have to do anything, TMO is also a GSM carrier and if the 8320 is unlocked, it will work. But it might possibly still say T Mobile at the top of the screen. Ive used TMO phones on AT&T and some changed the carrier logo and some didnt. Downloading an official AT&T OS might cure that though.
    01-01-10 12:13 AM
  3. levander's Avatar
    Where do I download "an official AT&T" OS?

    Can I just use a stock OS that RIM would supply?

    Are there any obvious advantages or disadvantages of using an AT&T OS vs. a RIM or stock Blackberry one?
    01-01-10 07:58 PM
  4. CarrierUnlock's Avatar
    You will be fine. Just unlock it. It sounds like you just found instructions on HOW TO unlock it. You still need to purchase a unlock code. Let us know if you need one or have any other questions.
    01-01-10 10:23 PM