1. acrogenesis's Avatar
    I am from BBunlockapi a website dedicated to the distribution of unlock codes. We would like to offer Crackberry users our low cost and instant unlock service to you. It is completely automatized. You can register on the following link


    When you register we will gift you 2 credis (2 FREE unlocks)!

    We also have our automated API for your website in which all orders are processed automatically.
    08-03-12 01:16 AM
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    I see many people have registred but not all have used there credis. So if you need any help you can ask. You just register > click "go to login" > login > and on the right side it says Order By Model, MEP, and PRD. Choose any (the easiest is Model) enter your data and instantly you will have your free unlock code.
    Remember you have 2 free unlock codes and if you want more you can buy them for $1 USD each!
    08-03-12 10:10 PM
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    Many people from here were making many accounts for "unlimited" unlocking without even saying thanks... So if you want to free unlock codes, now after registering at the site PM with the email you used and i will give add 2 credits (unlocks) to you account.
    09-04-12 12:32 PM