1. nixyz123's Avatar
    So, i bought my Storm off Ebay and still havent received it. I dont have a Verizon account yet and no interest in opening so I am trying to find all other ways of unlocking this baby

    I have bought two Sim card hardware unlock tools also as I figured Sim unlock shold be similar to any other phone like blackberry Bold etc. I bought two

    - Gevey 3g sim which is supposed to work only with the iphone. I tried with NOkia it worked but "no go" on my curve
    -I-smartphone sim which I am still waiting for and its claimed to work with Blackberry Bold which makes me think it could work with Storm also

    Am happy to report when I get it , but curious to hear if any of you have tried unlocking the phone in a similar fashion

    if anyone in stamford ct wants to try with my gevey 3g card you are welcome...please pm

    or if anyone is kind enough to volunteer their account info/willing to call customer service for me to ask for unlock code

    11-23-08 06:01 AM
  2. nixyz123's Avatar
    please help a berry brother out...also, i am going to europe with my company tmo connection so should be able to surf in3g on an unlocked one too... if unlock happens
    11-23-08 06:06 AM