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    Alpha X-SIM is a revolutionary do-it-yourself Plug & Play card for unlocking Mobile Phones without the risk of damaging the phone or voiding it's warranty.

    Alpha X-SIM is inserted into the mobile phone in parallel with your Operator's SIM card and enables you to use your card on phones locked to another provider.

    Because of it's very thin & slim design it fits into almost all phone's on the market, (tested to include Blackberrys) can also be easily removed again.

    The just released new and improved Alpha X-SIM2 will unlock almost All GSM phones in the market now and works with 3G cards.

    Official website, more info. list of international re-sellers and more
    03-25-08 10:22 AM
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    If that works it will change the world....

    03-25-08 12:19 PM
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    Be interesting to see if the device works. Not to keen on cutting the SIM Card.
    03-25-08 02:29 PM
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    Would be great if the card was independently tested to see if the claims are true.

    This thread shows a number of people who have got it to work, and some people with issues
    No-Key X-Sim Card Test Result - GSM-Forum
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    03-25-08 06:38 PM