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    I just want to say how helpful this forum has been and especially a post from Nathan79 that I read. To summarize, I can't begin to tell you how many hours I've spent on the phone with various tech support in order to get my sons unlocked 9700 switched from Rogers to Fido. Fido 6 calls (2 w tech support), Rogers 3 tech support calls and RIM Tech 2 calls (free through Fido).

    After 5 days and untold frustration, misinformation and conflicting information from the various tech supports I happen to read a line that Nathan79 posted in response to someone else's problems and within 30 seconds the problem was solved. The line..."Unfortunately with an unlocked phone, you have to keep the roaming on"

    Simply brilliant and thank you Nathan79 for your insight.
    07-16-10 05:28 PM