1. bumpcitycoach's Avatar
    I'm new to the Blackberry experience and was wondering if someone could fill me in on the advantages of unlocking my phone.
    02-15-08 01:52 PM
  2. grayTshirt's Avatar
    Because you want to change your current wireless provider, but keep your present phone.

    You've changed to a different service provider and got a new phone, but you want to unlock your old phone so you can use it in an emergency just by swapping the SIM over if your main phone gives problems

    Because you want to travel internationally and don't want to have to pay the very expensive international rates your present wireless company would charge you while internationally roaming

    Those are the only reasons I can think of. Then again, I'm sure others on the site know more than I. Just my $.02
    02-15-08 02:06 PM
  3. MisterEd's Avatar
    None really unless you want to use it on a different network with a different SIM card.
    02-15-08 02:37 PM
  4. Adlen's Avatar
    If your locked-to provider has a network problem you can slip in another SIM temporarily.

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    02-15-08 03:02 PM
  5. spamblockers's Avatar
    If you wanted to sell the phone you have a greater market instead of the phone being tied down to a specific carrier.
    02-15-08 03:03 PM
  6. NoMoreWindows's Avatar
    If your carrier doesn't carry the handset you want. This was my case with Rogers and the 8320
    02-15-08 03:27 PM