01-08-12 09:44 AM
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  1. unlockcellpro's Avatar
    try PM any of the unlockers here and surely they will be able to help you out.
    02-02-11 02:29 PM
  2. unlockthatphonecom's Avatar
    Sprint tour 9630 - you need to pay to get rid of the "activation required" each msl code is different

    verizon tour 9630 - simple as ##000000 and changing the number to your own.

    Each carrier usually holds different guidelines
    02-03-11 11:22 AM
  3. CellUnlock.net's Avatar
    Does this can be use also for 9650 Sprint with OS 6?
    I have the MEP2 & MEP4 but don't know how to use it
    Your 9650 should already come unlocked. Did you check? If you want to remove the "Activation Required" you will need to order the MSL code as mentioned above. Most of us unlockers here can help you with that.
    02-06-11 09:09 AM
  4. juanchitjose's Avatar
    You don't need to activate your Storm with Verizon to have the "Activation Required" removed from the top, I'm with Rogers in Canada, all you have to do is goto the phone screen and enter ##000000 and a menu will come erase the numbers in the first two lines and enter your own phone number, then press the menu button and click save! Your Storm will reboot and the "Activation Required" will be replaced with the name of the carrier you are using!
    I bought a 9930 Verizon in Singapore and I'm from the Philippines. I thought i was not going to be able to remove the "Activation Required" message. After a week of searching, I finally got an answer that worked! The only thing I did was put my number in the first line. the 2nd line automatically changed.

    01-01-12 10:37 PM
  5. freethisberrydotcom's Avatar
    For Verizon it is a standard ##000000 but for Sprint and for other carrier's you will need a SPC/MSL code.
    01-02-12 11:42 AM
  6. validity's Avatar
    I found this, but will it work on Verizon???

    Obtain these two programs:

    1. uniCDMA
    2. Hexworkshop

    1. Install your blackberry desktop manager. (Im using version 4.7 and it hasnt given me any problems.) Plug In blackberry.

    2. Run desktop manager

    3. Minimize DM and run uniCDMA

    4. Select "Qualcomm" under the mode drop menu

    5. Click setup and change the port to com4

    6. Click Read all and it should fill in the boxes on the left with your blackberry information

    7. Click HF ->DM

    8. Click memory and change the starting address to 0x17c47cce and length to 524288. Click read and save to file.

    9. Now open Hexworkshop and open the file you just created.

    10. In the right box you will see a 6 digit number. That is your MSL password.

    11. Unplug your blackberry and call ##XXXXXX (XXXXXX is the MSL password) Press Send

    12. Change the Mobile Directory Number to you 10 digit cell number.

    13. Press Menu then close and it will reset your phone and you are good to go.

    Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any problems and ill try to help. Im not totally sure if your MSL code will be in the same area as mine so if not let me know and i can find some number adjustments for you.

    if you are using an unlocked Verizon on your Blackberry. and you have on your screen activation required displayed or if your phone numbers are not getting displayed correctly, then here is a solution for you. The all you have to do is just dial ##000000 and then in the menu, add your phone number and at last select save option. This will make your device to reboot but after that your device will be activated.
    01-08-12 12:48 AM
  7. freethisberrydotcom's Avatar
    This only applies to verizon devices. On Sprint you will need to get a MSL/SPC code.
    01-08-12 09:44 AM
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