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    My BB is destroyed, i need data inside to proove things in a legal case. I have an IPD archive and installed paid version of BB Backup Explorer, but MMS are unreadable.

    This says each EOM vendor makes its own implementation of MMS specification: How to extract MMS information?

    I tried to expport from BBBE to ".mms" format and open these files on another BB, this permitted recovery of som images which looked encifered. But texts are still unreadable.

    In BBBE, MMS shows like that (sample) :

    Subject: ҫNF???|1?c.[#ҪduB3a'0B0i.98B3Vf???O"?^?``A=7Ҁ>Tbl|gV?Za6?0jĽOڮaG^zW5'!RG^1Kb*?G^,/#H<!?ɨ&2?ln?=Hh~&of?Vb6?@liTV?.#~s@Ⱥ}?
    Date: 20/08/2011 16:44:23
    Content type: application/vnd.wap.mms-message
    Location: http://b.s:8003/19232016105
    Transaction id: eii19232016105@
    Message id: 19232015905@ericsson2.mms.orange.fr
    Expiry: 167 h 59 min 59 sec
    Server: Apache-Coyote/1.1
    Via: 1.0 proxy (proxy)
    Cache: MISS from proxy
    http://forums.crackberry.com/showthread.php?t=259488 lets me hope somehow, even if uncompleted yet..

    Thank you for helping.

    01-21-12 01:13 AM
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    Probably need to restore on a other blackberry

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    01-21-12 10:48 AM
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    Thanks, yes I'm affraid so.

    Until I get a new one, I'm going to test on this : BlackBerry - Smartphone Simulators

    Following hint found on IPD file extension - How to open a Blackberry Phone Backup File [Page 2]

    Will let you know.
    01-21-12 11:26 AM
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    Hmm, help is needed here
    USB connection appears systematicaly unselectable on simulators I download, even on recent models like 9860, and even if I set default parameter as true in : fledge-options-external.xml :
     <option name="comm-cable-connected" type="bool">
          <description case="true">USB cable connected</description>
          <description case="false">Do not uSB cable connected</description>
          <help case="true">Simulate the virtual USB cable as connected at startup</help>
    I am not that much expert on these subjects, could anybody give me a hand please ?
    01-22-12 02:06 AM