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    When I put the keypad lock on by holding down the * button, i cannot unlock my 9100. The unlock/mute button (the center top media button) does not register anymore. (No matter how hard or soft I push it)

    So once I lock my keypad, which I have a habit of doing, the only way to unlock is to battery pull, or connect to USB.

    Also the rewind/previous media key stopped working as well, however the next/fastforward button still works.

    Any ideas? I wiped the device and re-installed the latest OS.

    I cannot return the device as I bought from Craigslist.

    I tried to test the buttons from Options > Status > Test but couldn't find a test in their. Any ideas?

    09-11-10 01:09 PM
  2. Dsmithjr's Avatar
    You should just be able to hit the * then the green answer button to unlock the keypad. The * button locks the keypad, the top button puts the phone into standby mode.
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    09-11-10 01:34 PM
  3. anon(3030444)'s Avatar
    I recently upgraded my 8350 to 5.0 OS and had the same problem. I had four number keys and the * key that would put the phone in standby and the mute button did nothing to get it back to life. It took multiple tries of putting phone in holster then removing it and pressing the mute key repeatedly to get it to unlock. I dont know if this helps but after about 4 days and tons of battery pulls it fixed itself. I"m not sure if my media keys were affected tho.
    09-13-10 12:38 AM