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    I have a Curve 8320 and want to sell it. I bought it from Cincinnati Bell and want to sell it on e-Bay. What phone company can I say it's compatible with? I know that iPhones on Cincinnati Bell operate on the same frequency at T Mobile ones so I could sell it as a Cincinnati Bell or T Mobile compatible phone, what can I say about the Cincinnati Bell Blackberry?

    Also, I want to make sure that none of my information is given away with the phone. I have an extra 8 gig card installed in the phone, I think that I need to do the following to "wipe" the phone like this, please correct me if I am wrong.

    1) leave all of the cards in the phone (the sim and the 8 gig)

    2)Click on Options (icon) -> Security Options -> General Settings. Then click the wheel for a dropdown menu and click Security Wipe.

    Thanks for any information you can give me.

    Also, unlocking...can I do that myself? Are the codes you see for sale good? Know any good places to get one? Also, do I unlock first and then wipe it,or wipe it first and then unlock? Thanks.
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    The unlcoking you would either have to pay for someone to unlock it for you, or call up Cincinnati Bell and ask them to unlock it for you. You can read about how to do so in my guide (link is in my sig.)

    As for the wipe, the "Options (icon) -> Security Options -> General Settings -> Handheld Wipe" would only wipe your contacts, apps, call logs, etc. For the memory card, go to the memory card menu -> Blackberry menu key -> Format.

    Edit: The handheld wipe may wipe your memory card depending on your OS, In 5.0 you can wipe everything(contacts, apps, call logs, memory card, etc) assuming you have 4.5, i can not tell you if it will wipe it.
    08-02-10 01:55 PM
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    Thanks for that. Well, I did read your advice in the sig and I am afraid that I missed my chance to do that. I just switched carriers and turned up at Cincinnati Bell in person and asked for my acct number then came back and personally cancelled my wireless. So, they know that I am out of there. Out. Finis, Kaput. Gone. Chiao. Alas! Had I but known.

    So, I can pay someone to do the deed? I take it that is a difficult thing and I can't do it myself with just the code? If it is, it is. Is there any way to find a reputable person to unlock the Blackberry, any things to look for OR is there a good place to get the code and the method for doing it?

    Thanks for your help on this. If it's just simpler to go get someone to do it, I don't have a problem with that, I just want to ask.
    08-02-10 02:13 PM
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    you can still call them, say you bought the phone off craigslist or ebay, they should still give you the code.
    08-02-10 07:40 PM