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    Bought a T-mobile BB 8310 curve from the US on a trip there, subsequently I have brought it back to South Africa and placed in on the Vodacom carrier.

    Problem is, the phone 'freezes up' during calls, usually about 30 to 40 seconds in. This happens on a semi regular basis, but at least once a day!!
    The screen goes black, the hourglass icon appears and that's it till you perform a battery pull.

    I've changed the OS several times, flashed with JL commander etc, but the Tmobile theme remains (frustratingly). Is there maybe something to do with the vendor ID or the internal phone branding that's causing the issues???

    Anyone out there have any ideas? it would be a shame to drop kick this pretty phone into the sea.

    OS v4.5.0.174 (platform
    28155067 free memory
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    Actually it's a 8320 since T-Mobile doesn't carry or sell them. JL_Cmdr doesn't flash anything. It's design to wipe a device clean of anything or restore it to factory settings.

    I believe what your experiencing is issues with your network not the device. Must make sure the device supports the frequency bands your carriers utilizes for service.
    01-27-10 06:16 PM
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