1. ManoCooper's Avatar
    We configured the App Policy (App Config for UEM, We are not synced yet) to allow the Yammer URL scheme to open the yammer app. This never worked on Android because the Android Yammer app did not support it. However it worked well on iOs Devices. I also have webex enabled through an URLScheme.
    However since the latest update of BB Access I am not longer being redirected to Yammer of Webex.
    Thank Goodness Skype is still working.
    I am collecting some more data and trouble shooting, before I open a ticket with Blackberry.

    12-19-18 10:53 AM
  2. ManoCooper's Avatar
    I have verified webex as well. This may be a Yammer issue.
    12-19-18 11:22 AM

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