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    Support for Oreo and iOS11 and more: https://9to5mdm.com/2017/09/blackber...w-it-policies/
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    09-08-17 05:09 PM
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    This patch also appears to have fixed the issue of being unable to login to the admin console due to processes on the sql database locking.
    09-13-17 12:44 PM
  3. Benbb10qnx's Avatar
    09-17-17 05:17 AM
  4. Mynet85's Avatar
    I skipped the 12.7 and went directly to 12.7.1 from 12.6.3. To avoid the smallest chance of having the same issues as what others had, I migrated out the database from the local mssql 2k8r2 to a standalone mssql 2016 sp1. It seems I had immediately some sql query time-outs. 1.5 day later at noon the tomcat service started to consume 100% of the CPU on both of my BES domain nodes. Same time started to fill up my logs with sql query time-out log entries, in a half day producing 3gb of logs on each nodes. Also I was not able to login with ldap user or local admin user to BES non of the nodes. Two days later at 8pm as it started to do, stopped doing it, the CPU usage went down to normal. So far BB support couldn’t do much, they told the sql time-out is an existing known issue and it takes at least one week they will have a hot-fix or it will only fixed in 12.7 MR2. Interesting. It seems on my system every update is a big risk.
    09-25-17 04:38 PM

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