1. dekvn's Avatar

    We started enrolling internal iOS and Android apps and some questions came up:

    When we update an app, a new app is created on top of the old version(s). Is this normal behaviour? Should we just remove the older versions periodically?

    Also, all APK versions indicate the same version number 1.0.0 so there's no way telling which is old and new. Is that version number controlled by the APK creator?
    05-03-18 04:07 AM
  2. Nick_L's Avatar
    Are these BlackBerry Dynamics apps? If so, then the version number is probably the GDApplicationVersion which is separate from the bundle version, and set by the developer.
    05-04-18 06:18 AM
  3. dekvn's Avatar
    Hi, no these apps are internally developped ipa's / apk's
    05-09-18 05:03 AM
  4. freakinvibe's Avatar
    This is correct. If you have developed your own app and then you develop an upgrade with a higher version number, both versions will appear in the apps list.

    You have to then assign the new version of the app to the users (or groups). This will upgrade the app on the devices. After a while, we remove old versions of apps.
    05-09-18 06:27 AM

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