1. Roveer's Avatar
    Wanted to try a different activation type to look at SMS Logging. This is only AFW one that supports it.

    Tried doing an activation and right when it got to AFW orange screen it threw this error:

    UEM 12.6.3 AFW Workspace Only giving "Oops! this device is already set up"-screenshot_20171025-201847.jpg

    Then it threw this one

    UEM 12.6.3 AFW Workspace Only giving "Oops! this device is already set up"-screenshot_20171025-202241.jpg

    KB article for the 4017 says to either switch activation type (which I don't want to do), or to wipe phone and try again (or some very vague language to that extent) which I did. Got same error.


    You tell me what they mean by "factory reset the device and perform the Android for Work activation during the initial device setup" What the heck is that supposed to mean?

    Wondering if it's not supported in "managed google play accounts" AFW connection?

    Anyone have any experience with this.

    Of course blackberry support is now just asking which version of UEM I'm using, SQL version, and What version of Exchange... Bunch of script readers.

    10-26-17 07:18 PM
  2. rpayne_bb's Avatar
    Work space only can only be ran at the out of the box screen when a device is first turned on. You can also achieve this by doing a factory reset on the device. If you start a work only enrollment when not in the oob, you will error out. If using Google apps, at the oob screen when it asks for your Google account add use the email address. If using blackberry managed afw, enter afw#blackberry.
    10-27-17 09:00 PM
  3. Rodney Wilder's Avatar
    To activate AFW workspace only, you need to start with a freshly wiped device and you follow steps from link below. basically you use code afw#blackberry as google activation username. If you setup a google account on device already, work space only cant be activated


    ... and rpayne beat me to the note.
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    10-27-17 09:07 PM
  4. Roveer's Avatar
    Well guys (Rodney and rpayne). An hour after you provided this information I was running AFW WS Only on my test Priv. I can't thank you enough for pointing me in the right direction. It's so frustrating that after 3 days of constant communication with BB Support they provided nothing but a bunch of KB articles and even after asking very specific questions and asking for clarification about vague statements in those KB articles (that would have eventually led me to the information you provided), I still never got an answer.

    I very much appreciate you guys taking the time to respond to my call for help.

    Now, unfortunately AFW WS Only is too restrictive for most users (with the big thing being not being able to install your own apps). So the huge trade-off for getting logged SMS is not going to fly for me. It's unfortunate that features I've had since my inception of BES in 2007 are no longer available to Android based devices. Of course the BB Classic that i will support will work just fine. Frustrating. (unless of course I'm missing something about "syncronizing SMS/MMS logs")
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    10-28-17 12:40 PM
  5. Rodney Wilder's Avatar
    im in same position. unles I'm missing something sadly the options are wait until android for work supports user privacy full control (which i thought was supposed to be added with android 8), or use samsung devices with knox user privacy full control.
    10-28-17 05:31 PM
  6. rpayne_bb's Avatar
    no worries, glad you got it working.

    Android does not support full control yet. You could try Knox FC with play for work if you use Samsung devices.
    10-28-17 08:12 PM

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