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    I am trying to implement SMIME certificates in a Cloud BlackBerry Control deployment. I can get the certificate to push to users and it works without issue for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes I lose the option to sign and encrypt emails and have to delete the cert from the User in BlackBerry Control and then re-add but the issue keeps happening. I have a case open with BlackBerry Support which has been escalated to a principal analyst but they have yet to sort it out. Since this is cloud based deployment I have no access to logs and sometimes I feel like BlackBerry Support doesn't even know how to work the product, especially the cloud platform which gets further and further behind the onprem builds. The cloud does not even have UEM and BlackBerry Dynamics integrated yet and BlackBerry cannot even give a time frame on when that is going to happen.

    Has anyone seen this issue with smime certificates or have any ideas as to what is causing it. We are using 3rd party certificates from a well know CA.
    10-05-17 06:19 AM

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