1. KevinReilly's Avatar

    We are looking at building out a new UEM platform for our existing 5k users, split between BES 12.5 and Good Dynamics.

    Does anyone have recommendation on the version to go for? 12.7.2 seems to be out, does this (or 12.7.1) provide any key fixes?

    I know with most vendors, N-1 sometimes a safer policy
    10-29-17 05:26 PM
  2. Rodney Wilder's Avatar
    Might I ask where you are seeing bb UEM 12.7.2 available? Far as i know latest and greatest is still 12.7.1

    12.7 added a few new things including a nice 2d barcode users can scan to activate instead of typing.
    Also fully supports android 8 and ios11 with bscp (though patches avail for older uem) and fixes some good to dynamics syncing. if using knox there's better google play appstore integration for pushing apps
    10-30-17 01:30 AM
  3. jlf175's Avatar
    While we don't have nearly that many users, 12.7.1a has run well. We're about to update to 12.7.2 tomorrw morning.

    Be warned though that when you update to UEM you have to do it on both your BES and Good GP/GC servers to UEM. See the documentation for more details. The nice thing about that though is fewer downloads and you can standardize your docs for both updates. Good Enterprise still has its own update download though.
    There's also a option I believe in UEM where you can have all the settings from Good Control show up in the UEM admin console so you don't have to access the Good web console separately.. you can keep them separate if you want to do that. That's a one-way trip though and no way to go back so lots of backups and snapshots are a good idea
    01-09-18 07:59 PM
  4. tchenggeller's Avatar
    Definitely 12.7.2 or later. There so many known issues with 12.7.1.
    01-10-18 09:10 AM

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