1. MarkT-GB's Avatar
    I am trying to figure out why our mail profile is being sent to our phones(show up in assigned profiles) but still requires the user to manually enter their username & exchange server details when they open an email application for the first time. Once details are entered mail apps work perfect.

    We are using UEM 12.7 and have set phones up using the "Activate an Android device with work space only - and no Google domain" as detailed here https://help.blackberry.com/en/black...218726246.html

    From the UEM documentation I have found the following;
    "◾To automatically apply an email profile to Android devices, the device must meet one of the following criteria. If the device does not meet any of these criteria, BlackBerry UEM still sends the email profile to Android devices, but the user must manually configure the connection to the mail server:
    ◾ Android devices with a work profile
    ◾ Samsung KNOX and Samsung KNOX Workspace devices
    ◾Motorola devices"

    I was under the impression that we would fall into the category of Android devices with a work profile and so the email profile should be automatically applied, is this correct?

    If so does anyone know of any reason why this would not be applying or any troubleshooting tips?

    01-03-18 06:07 AM
  2. Rodney Wilder's Avatar
    Have you tried using appconfig to configure mail app itself instead of a mail profile?
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    01-03-18 11:21 AM
  3. Benbb10qnx's Avatar
    Which PIM client is assigned? For GMail you have to use AppConfig.
    For the BB Hub you can use the email profile, but they will also change to AppConfig.
    01-04-18 02:53 PM
  4. MarkT-GB's Avatar
    Thanks Rodney

    Forgot to reply but using an appconfig on the Samsung mail app rather than using a mail profile worked!

    Thanks again
    Rodney Wilder likes this.
    02-20-18 09:16 AM

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