1. tjb73's Avatar
    I'm looking for a theme where I can customize the font in menus as well as e-mail, text, etc. I'd also like the icons to be something other than those in Precision Sprint (came with the tour). Any suggestions? I've downloaded a number of free and pay themes and none have the customizable fonts and new icons...they all seem to be one or the other.
    01-04-10 06:28 PM
  2. papped's Avatar
    Font customization is done in the theme creation, not after the fact.
    01-04-10 06:59 PM
  3. tjb73's Avatar
    Blackberry created themes allow you to customize the font used in menus, etc. There are others that allow you to do the same, like Hypaereon Sliq. It is not always done in theme creation.
    01-04-10 07:14 PM
  4. papped's Avatar
    Menu and messages list, which is kind of limited. The reason most people don't bother is that they generally pick the fonts that they feel work with the theme in the first place.
    01-04-10 07:23 PM
  5. tjb73's Avatar
    You can't often see the menu list in the screen shots of the theme. They often show the message list, phone screen, etc.
    01-04-10 07:26 PM