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    Well, two questions really. Apologies in advance if previously answered, but I couldn't find anything.

    1) As an 'end-user', when using Hidden Today, is there any option to 'toggle-off' the feature, so that the message previews do not show, without having to switch to another theme, or 'naked' version of the same theme? Sometimes I just want to see a wicked-cool wallpaper, or want my BerryWeather wallpaper on screen, and it looks like garbage with the message summaries overlaid (I've seen themes called 'naked' that remove the today/hidden today, bit it appears that these choices are theme specific and can't be toggled, and i'd prefer not to use precious memory for versions of the same theme)

    2) Most 'Hidden Today' themes show you, when hovering over the applicable icon, a) all calendar items upcoming, b) previously unread or unviewed messages, and c) ALL SMS messages.
    Question: Is there a way to either eliminate the 'read' SMS messages from showing up on hover, or if not, eliminating them from showing up altogether? It's distracting to see 'new' emails, alongside SMS's from days ago. (Someone asked a similar question in another forum, but it remains unanswered).

    Thx all,

    09-15-10 03:13 PM