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    One of the first things you will notice when you load this theme will be the fonts. There stylish and they are easy to read. The menus however run the standard BB Alpha Sans font for a more familiar feel. When you click to delete an item you will notice that even these icons have been made to match with the theme.

    This theme contains 19 icons on the home screen - a weather slot (in the pictures the weather slot is by BerryWeather with is a paid app), and each sub tub contains a further 6 icons.

    The tabs are split up into 3 categories - Messaging, Applications and Media.
    Each of these tabs are the first 18 applications in your applications menu and 19 is the weather application.

    When you scroll down to your weather application when you first load up the theme and start to scroll across the tabs they will all disappear. Each tab you scroll over will light up blue and the text will be white. To activate the menu just click it and the icons will be displayed. When you scroll across to another tab the first tabs will automatically disappear.

    As usual with all BB Design Worx themes the icons are extremely high quality and are a blend of Apple and Android.

    Whichever wallpaper you decide to use will be carried over to your lock screen.

    Also this theme features our trademark - AKT - Adaptive Key Technology.
    This is specifically designed for people who like to keep the dial from homescreen feature but like shortcuts. This theme has:
    A = Contacts
    B = Browser
    C = Calendar
    F = Facebook
    G = Snaptu (Free App)
    L = Profiles
    M = Messages
    N = Wordpress (Free App)
    O = Options
    S or $ = SMS and MMS
    T = BBM
    Space = Quicklaunch (Paid App)

    The lock screen for those running older OS5 version are also in for a treat! Your weather app is still displayed on your lock screen - very few offer this type of function!

    This theme has it all, the style and the functions!

    This theme is optomised for 480x360 Devices running OS5

    This theme is normally $4.99 - Catch it now for only $2.49

    To purchase direct from your Blackberry scan the following code.

    09-28-10 02:36 PM
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    Here is the theme with some different wallpapers:

    09-28-10 02:36 PM