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    Card-concept is magical theme which make you custom your avatar or your motto on homescreen.It's so fresh and cool.

    **Feature 1:Custom your own avatar pic on the homescreen.

    How to custom your avatar pic on homescreen like screenshots?
    1),Cut your avatar pic into 90x120 pix size or 3:4 size.
    2),The avatar pic you have been preoared must named "pic.jpg,pic.png or pic.gif"
    3),Copy this pic into the path:SDcard//pic.jpg(pic.png or pic.gif)
    4),Reset your device or switchover your theme.

    **Feature 2:Customizable text area on homescreen.

    How to use this feature?

    For non-touch screen device:
    1),Move the cursor onto first default text"BB owner infomation" on homescreen and long press "del" button to delete the default text.
    2),Inputting your owner infomation or motto or other text you like.

    For touch screen device:
    Edit your device from "Options"-"Owner"-"information".

    **Feature 3:Change the homescreen style.

    For non-touch screen device:
    No1*Press the "space" button and go to "Today" and big clock font style.You can add your calendar items and display on today area.
    No2*Press the "Esc" button to back the "Avatar" and owner information style.

    For touch screen device:
    Touch the "portfolio" icon to change two different homescreen style like non-touch screen device.

    **Other features:
    Cutomizable icons.
    Samll theme size,save memory,fast running speed.

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