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    Hello, CB!
    I am verrrry excited to introduce a new theme, ICONIC from BerryMobi!

    ICONIC is a theme that you will be sure use and enjoy every day.
    It's full of subtle and detailed custom design queues with functional hotspots and hidden today. Carefully and meticulously designed battery and signal meters that are unique yet very easy to read. Don't end up spending money on a theme that you will just use for a week! Just like all BerryMobi themes, it has been battle-tested for lag and memory leak by multiple testers.

    General Features:
    -- Translucent background for see-through effect
    -- Fully customized battery and signal meter
    -- Official OS 6 icons

    Extra Features
    -- 20 icons on the home screen for Non-Hidden Today version
    -- 14 icons on the home screen for Hidden Today version**
    -- Top and side icons can be hidden to reveal the wallpaper
    -- Hotspots for Clock, Messages, Calendar, Options, Manage Connections
    -- Space bar = QuickLaunch
    -- Hotspots are labeled for your convenience when you roll over
    **Hidden Today preview can only be activated through the Calendar and Messages HOTSPOTS

    Get ICONIC Today


    Get ICONIC Today
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    For the CB ppl! Good till Sunday, use the code CBiconiclaunch299 to get this theme for $2.99!
    09-08-10 10:05 AM
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    09-08-10 11:26 PM
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    09-09-10 10:38 PM
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    09-12-10 02:57 PM
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    V.1.1 Update is out.

    -Fixed SMS/MMS shortcut. Now "$" points to SMS/MMS instead of Messages.
    -Added a new shortcut for Messages. Press Shift+M to access Messages.
    -Volume bar in the call screen now has a speaker icon next to it.

    If you didn't check the box to receive update emails you can log in to Mobihand and get the update there. (Also don't forget to check the box next time to receive updates from me for your convenience. I don't spam and I occasionally send out discount coupons
    09-25-10 01:29 AM
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    10-13-10 06:06 PM
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    As a satisfied customer of this theme, any chance you can post these wallpapers? The subway and island would be great! Thanks.
    10-14-10 11:27 AM
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    You can find them all and more at my site.
    BerryMobi – BlackBerry Theme Design
    Go under download. If I am missing something let me know and I will add.
    10-15-10 12:03 AM
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    DOUGEE!!! Need your assistance once more bud....purchased this one also! No link.....if you will sir, send me one for this theme when you can. you have a fan in me bro!! THANKS AGAIN!!

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    10-15-10 11:46 PM
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    Hope you're enjoying the new theme by now
    10-16-10 12:12 PM
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    10-18-10 04:08 PM
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    10-20-10 10:22 PM
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    10-27-10 09:27 AM
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    11-21-10 03:42 PM
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    hey, old thread but how do I do this?

    -- Top and side icons can be hidden to reveal the wallpaper
    03-16-11 02:47 PM
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    ALT+# and * to hide/show docks.
    03-16-11 04:39 PM