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    I had purchased transitions theme this morning with crackberry. I received a receipt for the payment but no download link. when I called up the customer service at Crackberry.com, the agent told me that my order was denied even after my card being charged. So I wrote e-mail to mobihand NO REPLY for 7hrs finally I made a purchase through mobihand for the same theme. AGAIN BAD LUCK , it got stuck in verification. So e-mailed back in 1 hour to release the product NO RESPONSE. E-mailed again in 2 hours NO RESPONSE.
    After 14 hrs I have lost $4 for a theme which would be $2 still NO THEME!!!
    I am sick and tired of this verification thing!!!
    Can someone tell me whats the customer service number for Mobihand, so at least I can talk to someone about this problem as they will never reply to e-mail from what I have gone through today!!
    Thanks in Advance!!!
    10-29-09 10:09 PM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    You might want to give them more time to reply.

    I know that there was an offer for x number of free downloads for an app from the Crackberry store but you needed to enter a code. Well, I went through the process but there was never a place to enter the discount code. I figured I was out the $$. But I wrote to the support email and received a credit back. So I think they will handle it fairly if given time.

    I don't see how they charged but denied the order. I see you mention a theme - you seem to have a storm (??) and are in the Tour section - could you have ordered the wrong theme or have you not updated your current phone?

    But, again, you should definitely send another email.
    10-29-09 11:42 PM
  3. neoxfl's Avatar
    Thanks F2
    I did write them 5 e-mails so far. Hope to get reply today. well, it would be nice if they had a customer service you could talk to and resolve the issue on the spot.
    will post back about how things work.
    10-30-09 06:46 AM