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    SO.....I have plans to 'White Out' my Tour. I planned on making an all white theme. Then I saw pictures of other people who have 'Whited Out' their Tours and how it made the Tour look like a Storm Trooper. So I decided to make myself a Storm Trooper theme to go with my Tour that will soon look like a Storm Trooper. So this theme is really made for me, it is kind of different. First off the homescreen has only ONE icon on it and that is the weather dock. I wanted to show the home screen background off with out any icons on it. The cursor is hard to see in the pictures, but on the Application screen it is on the 'Contacts' icon.

    1.sms/mms set to go to sms and e-mail is set to go to messages

    2.Big up to BerryFreeThemes.com

    I do ask for donations but the theme is free. Thanks!



    DONATE: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/websc...if%3aNonHosted
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    11-25-09 10:47 AM
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    Thats a great looking theme! Nice work! Do you think you might be able to port it over to the Storm/Storm2?
    11-25-09 11:33 AM
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    Port? If there is some way to use Theme Builder to transfer it I would. I have never used a Storm, nor do I have one so it would be tons of work to build a theme for it. I would be so lost and confused. I can't get my simulators to work so I build a theme, put it on my phone and run it to notice the bugs. I can't do this with a phone I don't have. I wish I could though.
    11-25-09 12:06 PM
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    That's cool. Would you mind if I "stole" your concept? I was thinking about learning to do this myself.
    11-25-09 01:23 PM
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    Not at all. Let me know if you need help. I can e-mail your the pics I have too if you want to use them.
    11-25-09 03:17 PM
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    Thanks! I should be able to find the pictures, I think I have seen them before. If I have troubles, I will PM you.
    11-25-09 04:11 PM