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    • Huge custom made battery (for those of us who are blind)
    • iPhone style icons used throughout
    • Custom focus icons
    • Custom menu
    • Hidden today

    Requirements & Supported Devices:

    OS 5.0 required. Supports 480 x 360 devices 8900, 8910, 8930, 9630, 9650, 9700.

    Thanks & Appreciation to:

    Theme My Berry for hosting TheIgster themes!

    Small Meter used: iPhone Style, which was created by Big Papa from Blackberry Theme Lab (Blackberry Theme Lab).
    iMix icon set was used which was created by BigPapa from Blackberry Theme Lab (Blackberry Theme Lab).

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    If you like this theme, please post comments and screen shots if you change the wallpaper. Feedback for free themes is really appreciated. Thanks!

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    09-11-10 12:39 AM
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    UPDATED: v1.1 - Already...

    - Changed the navigation around a bit. Didn't like the default navigation.
    - Added Hotkeys:

    • r - Pictures
    • $ - SMS/MMS
    • space - QuickLaunch (not included of course)
    • f - FaceBook
    09-11-10 12:38 PM