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    A memory card will be required in order for a PC to recognize the device when connected via USB, meaning that any kind of content cannot be side-loaded from the PC to the device in the absence of external memory. The memory card will be required to download OTA purchased music (a message will be shown in MOD to warn the user that they need a memory card to download music). The device will come pre-packaged with a 2GB memory card inside the device.
    When a BB is in MOD and tries to preview a song, and has the native music player open in the background with the audio path set to speaker, they will get an error message: "Error loading preview" and music from the user's library begins to play instead of the selected track preview.
    RIM will provide a fix for this issue in the first software release (MR1) post launch. As a temporary solution for this issue, ensure the native music player has been completely shut down (via BlackBerry Menu Key > Close option) and then go back into MOD and the preview should play properly.
    10 MB of internal flash memory has been allocated for the DRM licenses for Rhapsody subscription music and OTA purchased content. This equates to approximately 1600 songs. This is significantly more than a typical user stores on their device. When DRM protected content is either OTA downloaded or synced from a PC, a DRM license is stored in this reserved space. For the Rhapsody subscription content licenses, when a subscription track is deleted from the device, the license will remain on the device until it expires 30 days after the last license refresh (no way to manually delete the license file from the device; it must expire on its own) Licenses associated with OTA purchased music do not expire. This limitation does not impact non-DRM protected content.
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