01-12-10 11:34 PM
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    Yameen. I removed mine.

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    Getting ready to do the upgrade, but I don't see any mention made about whether info on my memory card will be backed up, such as pics, music, etc...(whether through DM or BBSAK). Will the memory card be wiped when the device is wiped? Should I remove the memory card before backing my device up or during the upgrade process? Thanks.
    From my experiences, the DM backup doesn't backup your memory card, but a wipe doesn't affect it either. Only formatting the card will wipe it. Use Media Manager to copy the memory card contents. It's still always good to have a copy...
    01-12-10 06:39 PM
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    Remove the memory card whenever you do an OS update/upgrade. I've read that leaving it in can cause random reboots later. I have updated both ways and lo and behold I had random reboots until I reformatted my my memory card. All the next times I will be removing it during the process.

    Also, when using BBSAK to backup 3rd party apps, its weird it seems they don't restore via the obvious process, instead when you're ready to restore them use app loader and navigate to your backup folder in the bbsak folder and link to the alx file. All your backed up apps install.

    Before wiping device also save your quicklaunch settings to sd card and your bbmgroups too.
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    I installed bbsak today and did the third party back up but not sure how you restore from it? Do you use the load cod option and do one at a time? Prolly won't try it tonight, my internet is down and looking for info on this BIS is like going back to 14.4K dial-up...lol.

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    01-12-10 11:34 PM
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