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    My Blackberry Tour reminds me of the old joke, "My marriage is great...except for my wife." Ba-dum.

    I want to be madly in love with my Tour and BB, even if it isn't an iPhone or Droid. Instead, because of a few (major) gripes, I tolerate it, mainly for the keyboard and email.

    Gripe #1: Why does the browser suck donkey parts? C'mon, every time I want to go to a website from an email or Twitter link it's: slow, i have to go to column view (and sometimes zoom) to read anything, and the formatting is terrible. Maybe the Storm 2/3 is better, and I really was hoping that the Torch would do a beatdown on the iPhone/Droid. We'll see.

    Gripe #2: Apps/downloads. I just got a notice that there was an upgrade to Bing, and decided to download it. It took a minute before the download started. Then it took 5 mins to get halfway done, stalled for another 2-3 minutes, took 5 more mins to finish, and then needed to reboot. TOTAL time: 20 minutes. THAT is complete unadulterated, inexcusable, inexplicable, unfogivable dogwaste performance. Tell me I am wrong. Apps download on my iPod Touch in 1-2 mins tops. I have, on occasion, had to delete an app, reboot, reinstall, have it freeze, reboot, reinstall/download over and over...once it took me TWO HOURS of this to get rid of a buggy NY Times app and reload. The phone almost died a sudden murder via ocean. PISSED.

    Gripe #3: APPS again. Why so few, and why so few good ones, compared to Droid/Apple? I don't need 200 apps, but the limited choices are silly. I end up using the iPod at home, on wireless (no ATT where I live, or I'd probably already have an iPhone).

    Gripe #4: OS upgrades. I don't want to beta-test an upgrade. I bumped to OS5.xx from 4.7 right away, and it bricked my phone within days. I was ready to hang someone. It took me a full day to get the new phone set up like the old one. And that begs another question: Why can't I just use BB desktop backup to do a complete, one step backup of my whole phone and 3rd party apps? What a crock, rebuilding a new phone and apps.

    #5: There are smaller ones I won't list yet

    I love the keyboard, some of the other features, the mail handling, and the durability. I would have destroyed several iPhones already with the drops my Tour has withstood. I want the Torch to be THE KILLER phone...Apple is rich enough, and I like to root for the underdog. And I have a Touch and maybe soon, and iPad.

    Please don't flame me, tech BB geeks. I am not a total tech idjit, have found much useful resource info to troubleshoot my phone via C'berry, BUT-- I don't have the patience or the time to become a slave to it. It's supposed to work FOR ME! If you want to offer helpful solutions or ideas for some of my complaints, or correct me constructively, I welcome that. I want the perfect BB, and hope that the Torch or Storm3 becomes it. Thanks
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    IMO the browser isn't as bad as what most people say, it is your opinion...take off Java-script to speed native browser up..it will prompt you if you need it on.

    I do agree the column view sucks and when you zoom, you have to pan....a lot! So that is why I tried Opera5, which renders pages a little better and is faster. So could always give that a shot.

    Apps, there are plenty enough on BB IMO and can do the job, but to each their own..many people need 100's of apps to get through a day, I don't...

    IMO there is no perfect BB or phone period, they all have positives and negatives...is just how you deal with them in the end.

    I have a 9700 and love it and I have freeze ups, lag from time to time and have to do battery pulls occasionally and a weak app market, but I deal, because the positives far outweigh the negatives.

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    Thanks. Will try turning Java off. I had Opera on it, it was ok, but ran low on native memory with the other apps I use (mainly: Poynt, weather, NYT, AP, Reuters, Facebook, Twitter, Bloomberg, Bing) so deleted it. Am experimenting with Opera on the PC.

    Why do reboots take SOOOOOOOOOOOO LOOOOOOOOOONG? Grrrrrr.
    09-23-10 06:25 PM
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    The browser sucks mostly because we're using really small screens. Not enough real-estate for page view and compressed text in column view.

    I tried the Bolt and Opera browsers and it was the same deal - the screen just isn't big enough.

    Apps are lame and expensive because RIM takes a huge cut in AppWorld and has a strict development process/access. RIM claims it's for security, yada yada yada.

    You can actually do a wholesale backup between Desktop Manager and a little third party program called BBSAK. I don't like to do this though since it defeats the purpose of a wipe. I prefer to do it the hard way so I don't reinstall the "gunk."

    I'm not defending it - but it is what it is.

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    Thanks, and roger that. I am holding out that the Torch will get better. Where I live we have no ATT (and don't want them) and therefore no iPhone, thethough the rumors of VZW or Sprint getting it here soon abound. Most people use BB or Droids.

    It seems to me that RIM could learn in short order what they need to do by paying attention to owner feedback here (while wading through all fanboys, rahrah, and totally absurd nitpicking). It's no mystery why the iPhone has succeeded, and also the Droid. Surely, RIM has the brains onboard to address BB's deficiencies and parry the thrust of the others.
    09-24-10 09:20 AM
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    I agree it has a great keyboard and yes compared to iphone its durable. Something little I done, not sure if it was that or not.

    I got a sd card for it, more than 4gb. The phone responded faster.

    Yes I know maybe it wasnt the card the increased performance, you can always try, you got nothing to lose.
    09-24-10 11:08 AM