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    I see VZW has an official release (CB, as always, was ahead of the game with the announcement, but that update now shows on phone via Options>Advanced Options>Wireless Update> check).

    I see references from VZW customers that they are deleting the vendor.xml file and wiping the phone with JLCommander. Why? I mean, I can see where that would be justified if one were upgrading/downgrading to/from an unofficial release. But if it's an official VZW release, being upgraded over a prior official release, why not just do an OTA update? Or do it via DesktopMgr if that is one's preference.

    I've personally always only done the official updates OTA. (After backing up all data to my PC via Desktop Mgr, of course.)

    So, not being snarky, just curious why some VZW customers who stay with official releases are jumping through all these hoops of deleting vendor.xml and wiping phone, rather than just to the upgrade OTA or via DM?
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    11-22-09 08:06 AM
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    Some people may practice an excess of caution. There are those who think that anytime you install a new OS you should wipe the phone to get out all remnants of "whatever!" I would expect that the upgrade process does that automatically but if it makes them more secure.....

    As for the vendor file - that's probably a holdover from using another carrier's OS where it needed to be done.
    11-22-09 10:17 AM
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    Might just be misinformation, I don't see a need to do it either.
    11-22-09 11:21 AM
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    Appreciate the answers.
    Mostly curious, but wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something critical at the same time.
    Did the upgrade today, went pretty smoothly except for several "Uncaught Exceptions (name of app here) (134) is not responding. Process terminated." It was Word To Go, Sheet to Go, Slideshow To Go. Oh, and lost the Today calendar screen of my theme. Just shows the calendar icon but not events. I'll figure it out later tho (think I have the flu ).

    Definitely has a lot peppier response than before.
    11-22-09 07:09 PM
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    You might have to make sure that you have the right or correct Calendar as your default associated with an email address. Only one such calendar/address shows on the Today themes.
    11-22-09 07:38 PM