1. Hokinabru's Avatar
    whe ni go to call menu and press voice mail... it calls someone ... not my voicemail. Help please
    09-08-09 08:29 PM
  2. RegE's Avatar
    Make sure your phone number is entered in PHONE > OPTIONS > VOICE MAIL. Also, check what number is entered in the PHONE > OPTIONS > SPEED DIAL NUMBERS under (w). Once you get that straightened-out, depressing the (1 / w) key for a prolonged period dials the VM - much easier.
    09-08-09 08:48 PM
  3. Hokinabru's Avatar
    same problem.. on my call ti says Calling voicemail but then someone picks up ... wtf? lol
    09-08-09 08:55 PM
  4. McCracken's Avatar
    again, repeat the steps above. Fixes it, promise.
    09-08-09 09:00 PM
  5. jtversky's Avatar
    what region are you in? I was having voicemail issues the other day in Baltimore, and when i called cust. svc they mentioned NY was having issues as well...was resolved later in the day
    09-08-09 09:13 PM
  6. Hokinabru's Avatar
    im in cali... i tryed ur steps again... same problem.. this is ******** LOL
    09-08-09 10:24 PM