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    I'm running the latest version from my provider ( and I'm getting this when the phone boots up. Any suggestions. Reloaded the phone twice now.

    Note: It is not mirrored, that's just my webcam.
    02-20-10 12:13 AM
  2. wilburyan's Avatar
    The phone is a new blackberry tour 9630, my brother just picked it up, so its in the right section.

    Phone was being updated to OS 5.0 right out of the box, loading failed and it was left with app error 523. Got the phone loaded on the second try with OS 5.0 and the picture posted is what the screen displayed. Menus such as settings, blackberry messenger, sms messages all displayed normally, but the main home screen was that.

    Downgraded the phone to v4.7, got it back to working normally. Tried to load OS 5.0 again, this time successfully. Everything worked fine. Installed App World, and BerryBuzz through app world. Phone required reboot, upon reboot the same screen displayed as before (same previous attached image), along with the message uncaught exception: java.lang.... Tried uninstalling App World and BerryBuzz, did not resolve the issue.

    Reloaded back to v4.7, and again back to v5.0. Have not installed any applications, currently running 100%, for the last 16hrs.

    Hopefully the above information is a bit more helpful. The phone is brand new, what we're worried is that the phone itself is no good, and we should exercise the free exchange in two weeks; Unless this issue has happened before with faulty os loads.
    02-20-10 04:40 PM
  3. FF22's Avatar
    Did you install any apps on that Tour? How about the THEME - wrong themes for the OS or device can bung things up, too.
    02-20-10 07:08 PM
  4. SoCaliTrojan's Avatar
    Instead of loading 4.7 to load 5.0 back again, why don't you just wipe the phone completely with bbsak or jl commander? That way, it won't have any rogue files left around when installing the new os.

    As for the picture, I have never seen anything like that, unless if maybe the default theme is not included? *shrugs*
    02-20-10 07:26 PM