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    Im a verizon tour 9630 user on OS 5. Ive been reading through a lot of different posts on here and i cannot delete the excessive email (inbox) folders that have been consistantly adding into my folders. Ive gotten into activating email accounts to receive app links, etc and then delete the account AND service books but folders still exist. I go into message options and i only have "general options" "inbox settings" and "spell check". NOTHING about email reconciliation that i keep reading about in these forums. I kno if i have that option, i can delete the folders but its not there. any help please??!!! these folders r getting rediculous and verizon store techs thought it was a "glitch"
    06-05-10 12:40 PM
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    You have to delete these through Desktop Manager. You will want to erase the folder's database, then do a battery pull, and when it loads again, it will rebuild an accurate folder library for your device.

    Happened to me, I had like 10 folders named inbox, with 1 email account on the device
    06-05-10 12:44 PM
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    I happened to see this post and am glad I did. I have the same problem, and will try the suggestion.
    06-05-10 01:22 PM
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    thank you so much!! somethin so simple and that made my day. thank u!!!!!
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    06-05-10 05:28 PM