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    I currently have the Tour 9630 and I contacted Verizon Customer Service because I was having trouble with my Tour. I wanted to see if I could upgrade. The lady contacted me and said I am eligible to receive promotional pricing on a new wireless device if I agree to another 1 or 2 yr contract. So I originally paid $100 for my Tour and I haven't had a switch out yet. In other words this is still my original Tour and I purchased the phone in March. The lady said I'm able to get another phone as long as it's within 12 months of the purchase date. My question is, if I go to Verizon to purchase the new Bold will I have to pay the 2 year contract price of $150 or since it's within 12 months of purchasing the tour am I able to trade my Tour in and just pay the difference? Because I know when you purchase a new phone and you take it back within 15 days you can exchange it and get another but you just have to pay a difference if there is one. I know this sounds confusing but if anyone could help me I'd appreciate it tons! Thank-You!
    06-17-10 11:17 PM
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    your best to discuss this with a Big Red rep on the phone. A good rep in a good mood can do wonders. Also, they have been just swapping out 9630's for the new 9650 as a warranty replacement for many.
    06-17-10 11:39 PM
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    You won't receive any "credit" for your old phone. There is a pretty strict 30 day return/exchange period at the stores. If at best you were somehow eligible for an Early Upgrade you will receive the 2 year price on any phone.It inlcudes a $20 fee and only extends your contract for a year from activation date. Since this offer was from Customer Service on the phone I would deal with them specifically or have them notate the offer in your account notes if going to a corporate retail location.

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    06-17-10 11:42 PM