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    I was not sure where I should place this thread and how to title it, but here goes ...

    I have a Verizon Tour that I currently have changed the ##000000 setting on in order to get it to work on my Alltel plan. I also changed the settings to get EVDO working as well.

    (I followed the above instructions for the Storm, just did it with my Tour).

    My question is that when the transition from Alltel to Verizon becomes final in my area (October 17), will I have to go back into my Tour and change all the settings back to the original Verizon or will that be done automatically? Is there any need to make those changes when the change is made from Alltel to Verizon? Will I lose any functionality by having the Alltel settings on a Verizon Tour phone?

    I did a search on the forums, but I was not sure what it would be under and the few searches I did, did not return any answers.

    Thanks in advance for any and all help and I love this site!! (even though my wife might think I spend a little bit TOO much time here on my Tour
    09-08-09 09:27 PM
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    Anyone have ANY ideas? Alltel is changing over on October 17 and I would like to know if I need to do anything to my Tour.

    Thanks again for any help.
    09-09-09 09:51 PM
  3. Jancy10's Avatar
    I don't think you will have to change anything! I believe any changes would come automatically over the network...(Not 100% sure tho)
    09-09-09 09:58 PM