1. trea0027's Avatar
    I've updated my tour a couple times and my storm when I had that so I know what I'm doing but for some reason, Apploader is not "seeing" the 5.0 OS on my computer. I've uninstalled all previous versions of the device software. I've uninstalled the previous desktop manager and installed the latest one. I have desktop software version 5.0.1 and device software version loaded on my computer. When I start up Apploader and try to update, it only comes up with a list of my 3rd party apps. Anyone have any ideas?
    11-11-09 01:50 PM
  2. jfenton's Avatar
    Delete any previous 4.7 installs on your computer.

    Assuming that you're on a PC, got to Programs~Common~ Research in Motion~Shared
    11-11-09 01:58 PM
  3. trea0027's Avatar
    I have already uninstalled all previous versions. The version is the only version installed on my computer. I had it on a previous Tour. I just got a replacement and I'm trying to put it on my new one and nothing I've tried seems to be working.
    11-11-09 02:04 PM