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    Will the media player on the Tour be any better than the media player on the curve/4.5 devices? Couple points in specific:

    Movies. (I'd ask this Q in the other thread but i saw that it got way off topic)
    -right now, i can play full length movies encoded to the curves resolution, but about 20 minutes into the movie it will get real real choppy and off-sync. (i dont watch too many full movies on the BB tho, just noticed on a bus trip to chicago, but have noticed a little slowdown for music videos)

    Music/load times. I know they arent meant to be full-fledged media players, but when i play any song, it'll take about 10 seconds to load the song, then if i hit N or next on screen, it will skip for a few seconds, then go to the next song.

    broader support: I came from a touch pro with tcpmp where i could download a movie from the phone in any resolution or format and play it no problem, but with my curve, it seems i need to have a specific order of settings before i can play a video on my phone, let alone download one off the internet.

    are these all things that will be improved in the Tour, with updated hardware /software and such, or am i just being nit-picky and expecting sometihing out of the range of a blackberry (the curve being my first BB, coming from touch - diamond - palm 755 - touch pro )

    I know this "isnt a replacement for an ipod" but i dont have an ipod in the first place for this to replace lol. just wondering if the tour will have a more fluid and responsive media player
    07-05-09 09:03 PM