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    I've tried searching the forum already for the answer to this with no luck, but hopefully someone can help.

    I recently upgraded to OS, and since then my phone has randomly been "Losing" the numbers on the unread indicator bar. I use a batterywatch program that shows the battery and a number, and that number randomly disappears as well. The unread icons are there, just not the numbers showing how many are unread. If I pull the battery, the numbers come back. It happens maybe once every couple of days.

    The theme I'm using is my own, created with ThemeBuilder. It's nothing special, just some changed icons but no hidden todays or SVG code or anything like that. The last time the numbers left, I switched the phone to the stock Sprint Precision theme BEFORE pulling the battery and the numbers were back. I tried reinstalling my theme but it still randomly loses numbers.

    Has anyone had this problem and know how to fix it? Or have any ideas? Thanks in advance,
    05-04-11 05:22 PM