1. l337nyc's Avatar
    after getting bored of my iphone i began using my friends old curve on the at&t network. everything except bbm was working on the curve so i decided to upgrade to my other friends tour. I unlocked the phone and the voice/sms began working immediately thereafter. However i cant get the browser or mms to work on this device.

    I already downloaded all of at&t's service books onto the phone using the guide on the storm forum, I know that process worked successfully becuase i have the at&t browser and navigation in the menu now.

    Does anyone know what else i can do in order to get the data working on this device? I dont mind if bbm doesnt work it just seems strange that the browser and mms worked on the curve and not the tour.

    thanks in advance
    07-15-10 10:11 PM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Do you have a BlackBerry data plan? An iPhone data plan will not work on a BlackBerry. You need to contact AT&T and get a BlackBerry data plan (BIS).
    07-15-10 10:13 PM
  3. l337nyc's Avatar
    i dont have a BB plan but what doesnt make sense to me is that the browser and mms was working on the curve without the plan but not this one
    07-15-10 10:16 PM
  4. l337nyc's Avatar
    extra note: the service on the curve is EDGE in caps but on the tour its in lower case

    also when my friend first gave me the curve she did something in the options menu i just cant remember what exactly she did.
    07-15-10 10:54 PM
  5. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    You need to change your data plan to a BlackBerry Data Plan in order to get BlackBerry Data features.
    07-16-10 06:38 AM